Machine cut Crystal AB color DMC Rhinestone (BCR003)

Hot fix rhinestones is also called heat transfer rhinestones, are mainly used for apparel. The flat bottom of the stone has a glue backing and when heated melts onto the surface of the clothing.These can be adhered using a regular iron, however, it is recommended to use a heat press, as they are able to reach higher temperatures (standard transfers require temperatures of up to 350–400 .F (177–200 .C), which regular irons are not capable of) while applying heavy pressures resulting in a more professional standard quality.
It is very similar with the Czech stones, and with its own black and gray glue back , employ machine Very reasonable cutting , making it very glisten.

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Machine cut Crystal AB color DMC Rhinestone

Item no:    BCR003
Size:    ss6,ss8,ss10,ss12,ss16,ss.20.ss30.ss34
Rhinestone Color:   crystal AB
Material:        Glass
Grade: AAA, MC
Use:   Bags, Garment, Nail Art, Shoes, Cell Phone, Box, Pen, Furniture, Greeting Cards, et
Packing  detail: 
stone Size  Size in mm      Facets       Packing Details Net       Weight
SS3              1.3-1.5mm       6           1440pcs  (10gross)/Bag     6.8g
SS4              1.5-1.7mm       6           1440pcs(10gross)/Bag       6.8g
SS6              1.9-2.1mm       8           1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     10.2g
SS8              2.3-2.5mm       8           1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     17.3g
SS10            2.7-2.9mm      10          1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     20.6g
SS12            3.0-3.2mm      10          1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     36.1g
SS16            3.8-4.0mm      12          1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     55.8g
SS20            4.8-5.0mm      14          1440pcs(10gross)/Bag     89.3g
SS30            6.3-6.5mm      16            288pcs(2gross)/Bag       65.5g
SS34            7.0-7.2mm      18            288pcs(2gross)/Bag       38.7g
SS40           8.35-8.65mm   20            144pcs(1gross)/Bag       71.4g

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