crystal octagon beads for chandelier parts(BC1002)

The Crystal Octagon Bead can play an important role in your centerpieces or crystal wedding trees Garland can be shortened to any desired length by removing silver rings.Each bead are connected with silver rings.


crystal octagon beads for chandelier parts

1.Material is crystal glass, the quality is high with grade AAA

2.. Sizes:12,14,16,18,20,22,24,26,28,30,32,34,36,38,40,50mm

3.Color :Pink,Grass Green,Blue,Red,Lilac,Purple,Orange,Yellow,Gold,Sun,Voilet,Apple Green,Aquamarine,Smoked topaz,Montana,Black,Clear,Precious blue,Turquoise,etc

4.Competitive price and firmly controlled quality.

5.Free sample for your check the quality


Home Decoration(kitchen, restaurant, room, bedroom, living room, bath room, porch, garden etc.) or Party and Event( wedding, engagement, birthday, party etc.) or Fun (hotel, bar, coffee, KTV etc.) or Furniture (special and hot sales is chandelier) or Jewelry (necklace, bracelet, ring, earring, foot chain, waist chain, trousers chain etc.)

crystal chandelier octagon beads


Packing details :

14mm 2000pcs x 6boxes =12000pcs/ctn

16mm 1280pcsx6 boxes =7680pcs /ctn

18mm 900pcs x 6 boxes =5400pcs/ctn

20mm 700pcs x 6 boxes =4200pcs /ctn

22mm 650pcs x 6 boxes =3900pcs/ctn

24mm 500pcs x 6boxes =3000pcs/ctn

26mm 400pcs x 6 boxes =2400pcs /ctn

28mm 342pcs x 6 boxes =2052pcs/ctn

30mm 306pcs x 6 boxes =1836pcs/ctn

32mm 216pcs x 6 boxes =1296pcs/ctn

34mm 192pcs x 6 boxes =1152pcs/ctn

36mm 192pcs x 6 boxes =1152pcs /ctn

38mm 160pcs x 6 boxes =960pcs/ctn

40mm 100pcs x 6 boxes =600pcs/ctn

50mm 60pcs x 6 boxes =360pcs/ctn

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