Brass Bow tie Hanger for chandelier parts

The Brass Bow tie Hanger are for attach your crystal chandelier parts, or crystal beads one by one, or frame your chandelier, this Brass Bow tie Hanger are necessary accessories to assemble your crystal lamps, chandelier, crystal chain or crustal curtain beads.

The Brass Bow tie Hanger have many shape and size to meet your special design, Brass Bow tie Hanger with longer legs and the have chrome and brass, gold plated, silver plated color to meet you.


Brass Bow tie Hanger be used for attach the crystal octagon bead on your chandeliers, Brass Bow tie Hanger can frame your lamps

Products Name Brass Bow tie Hanger
Item No Brass Bow tie Hanger
Quality Good quality
Material Brass, 24K gold plated, silver plated, nickel plated, imitation gold
Process Techincal Stamp, plated
Using To attach, hook and connect the crystal chandelier parts, crystal beads which can be used for chandeliers, crystal lamps, crystal chain, crystal curtain, or any other design
Quality Grade AAA, Machine Cut; A, polished
Size Customers requested


Brass, Chrome, Gold plated, Silver plated, Nickel plated
MOQ one carton

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